• Flyandrivka

    Most refined chimney with a unique shade of white terracotta tile, made in the style of folk traditions of past centuries clay pottery. Ethnic ornament gently and elegantly decorates every single kahelynu in creating mosaic compositions exhibit, which for subtlety and perfection reminiscent of the Christmas Easter Egg masterful work.Ergonomic design, ceramic decoration of interior walls of fire, large pedestal, several variations of models, and, of course, ceramic flyandrivka product – it’s just naynezabutnishi impressions which can leave behind a chimney!

  • Camomile

    Snow-white rock, writing inspirational verve and warm impression in his foot is able to heat a huge family and home. Made on a unique technology of pottery from a solid clay bricks and tile, moldings and decorated in the style of secession, this chunky funnel is a leader in product thermal properties. Neutralizes the inherent solidity as usual practical design and implementation skills of its exhibits. Comino “Chamomile” is impressive and reliable, grotesque but tasteful, and yet – well, very warm and cozy!

  • With nymphs

    Do not just funnel and handicraft miracle – that’s at least how to characterize this exhibit!It is surprising and inspiring combination of historical Lviv engravings topics nimfichnyh sculptures and frescoes, and herbichnoyi molding patterns, thought to trinkets and talented artists combined in perfect self-sufficient song. Classic brown glazed tile gets in this performance is so perfect finish that gives the impression of the whole chimney integrated sculptural monument. Two types of models offer the choice not only for ornaments and decorations, but also to choose a variation of indoor / outdoor fireplace.Integrity of most components of each sculpture and flues only increases the value and importance of this work in the collection and production company, and in the eyes of buyers and users!

  • Under the Lion

    Sustained in ampirnomu style, this chimney is suitable for placement in recreation or hunting lodge, emphasizing bright as antique and modern style interior. It perfectly fits the room and decorated stone and wood. Decorated sculptures of lions emblem and symbols of the hunt, decorated with painted ornament, the chimney creates an atmosphere of comfort historical and modern comfort. Chimney was made, as all products are “Oaks”, according to old traditional methods of pottery clay, so it guarantees the quality of warmth, comfort and reliable durability in use.

  • Lira

    Античний моноліт і, водночас, витонченість і вишуканість витвору, створює особливу неповторну ауру в помешканні. Просторний, але не занадто громіздкий, комин «Ліра» дарує тепло і відчуття розкоші в приміщенні будь-якого типу, а особливо святкового характеру. Він однаково гармонійно поєднується з інтер’єрами і вітальні, і світлини, і бенкетної зали, і навіть кухні. Надміцний, місткий і негабаритний, зручний в користуванні, майстерно виконаний, невимушений – ось тільки деякі з вражень володаря цієї прикраси інтер’єру і домашнього вогнища.

  • Lilia

    Chimneys, made in more traditional folklore villages, attracted by its ability to create good feeling of home comfort, which can transmit only a clay chimney in his almost classical form. However, simple structure, engraving and ornamentation distinguish this model from the standards of manufactories. And apart precisely because of the production of each share of artists and craftsmen worked himself, having traditional knowledge and creativity in the process of making bricks, tiles, ceramics and every product as a whole. Possibility of making the custom projects with various modifications.

  • Fantasy

    A true giant piece of pottery and art! Able to decorate any room, this luxurious exclusive chimney artifacts as discerning aesthetes and connoisseurs and ordinary customers.His retreating carved pillars firmly and gracefully frame the hearth, leaning on a pedestal shaped and finishes, decorative moldings, and harmony at an altitude pass in sculptural composition of magnificent beauty. Extraor spectacularly designed, made of marble-white clay, his brilliance zasliplyaye and watch the fire in the belly of this handsome – double unearthly fun!

  • Birch

    Another variation of the creative approach to the classic type of furnace flues corner.Kahelyny complicated structures, volume napivzakryte hearth, over it, like all models, as usual bridge shelf and decorated dashok napivarkoyu fresochnymy and decorations.Practical people’s home chimney, not deprived, design and minimalist traditions. Like the model of “Lily”, the optimum chimney for residential homes and enthusiasts innovations in traditional interior trends. Different colors of tile and individual project alternatives on request.


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