• Under the Lion

    “Under the Lion” – true Lviv oven! It’s like a fabulous old house, like the embodiment of color history of the city. It combines multiple decorative elements of local symbols, but this is done with taste and sense of proportion and harmony. Powerful lions stand guard like a campfire and rest homes. Ceramic engraving with depictions of architectural monuments and Gardens sends his spirit. Naked eye can classify this as a perfect embodiment of the oven and pottery traditions, and projectors, artists, having used this masterpiece of a lot of creative talent and concentration. “Under the Lion” – a range of experience, comfort and warm memories!

  • Vesnyanka with nymphs

    The characteristics of this model almost coincide with the characteristics of the usual models Vesnyanki “without nymphs. Of course, her ornament and decoration – others.However, we have the same solid monolytni sculptures, as well dvohsektsiynyy rectangular design with a barrier and a bas-relief. We can assume that this oven with its color and mood favorably fit into any living room.

  • Vesnyanka with nymphs (white)

    This oven combines the snow-white traditional pragmatism of artistic design. Sculptures that decorated the corners long used fire, made whole section composition. That is, unlike factory standards, these ceramic koreatydy not collected from different sections of masonry, and cast and carved pottery artists. In addition, the uniqueness of this, as each product the company relies in the fact that its color is unique, since both under coating and glazing, the materials are treated ultra high temperature of the knee, and that gives color to each individual product or their party.

  • Birch

    The oven is made in a very restrained style, but in a quite unusual ultracompact dyzaynovomu decision. Slimness, ergonomics, laid-back, but pleasant to the eye pattern, easy installation in a small room. These characteristics, in addition to manufacturing quality make this model attractive for customers of all segments of the population and types of facilities. The color and design to order.

  • Flyandrivka

    Similar to the self-titled debut a fireplace, this model impresses with its ethnic design traditions of past centuries, painted a classic clay ornament, color quality and coverage flyandrivkoyu. White with terracotta shade provides exhibits grandiose, and patterns – grace and elegance. Grace any home, beautifully warm, and even become proud home owners in the interior!

  • Fantasy

    Of the most elegant designs executed in the style setsessiyi. By design, is talking about and the name itself, this correlates with the same name furnace flues model “Fantasia.”The same figure of a giant, magnificent pottery and ornaments, white coating. This model evokes a sense of aesthetic pleasure, and should please the eye! Apparent from retreating forms of solid tiles, decorated with painted stucco on the attic, it combines the embodiment of dreams of artists and potters-class skill. “Fantasy” freely located in the home as futuristic and retro or avant-garde design, and it plays an important role interior decoration and necessary source of heat.

  • Vesnyanka

    This oven classic design and color meet in the home fans unpretentious traditional tile stoves. Model decorated, slender, strong and resistant, and its shiny appearance and laid-back design – what you need to ensure the ease of use and care, and the warmth and comfort of home. A production of any model of high standards – a guarantee of reliable quality. The color and design to order.

  • Lily

    Made of white clay refractory, the furnace will provide any home not only a sense of warmth and comfort, but also adds a kind of interior grace and brightness. Extra-strong and quite massive but shapely and decorated, this model is the successful combination of classic and design solutions and fresh combinations. The idea of the projector and not passed over the perfection of masonry, and filigree rounded corners, sidewalls, framing and unique luster glazed coating.


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